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Writing has been the way my soul took form since I was seven years old playing with my fairy friends in the pine trees.  I’ve been writing poetry for the last several years as an outlet for the pains and joys of my experience. I am a newcomer to the poetry world and at this stage, my major goal is being able to interact with, be inspired by, and learn from other poets and artists. Please feel free to reach out with any suggested books, poets, or podcasts, as well as tips for navigating the poetry world in general. Welcome to my page. 



The poetry of Rumi has served to illuminate the path along my recent spiritual journey (I’m in the process of finding my way back out of the hole I’ve dug myself into mentally and spiritually). I carry a dark blue Rumi pocketbook in my coat pocket, and I look forward to my daily dose each day. The absurdity, mysticism, and deep interconnectedness of Rumi’s poetry often serves to guide me in my own spiritual practices and writing.  I’ve also taken great interest lately in the style and poignancy of Jericho Brown’s poetry.  I have listened to a number of podcasts he was featured in, so every time I read one of his poems I hear it in his voice and can truly feel the piece of his heart he has so graciously chosen to share with the world through poetry.  Speaking of podcasts, Poetry Unbound by OnBeing is my current favorite. Incredibly grounding. 


"I will bring you a whole person and you will bring me a whole person and we will have us twice as much of love and everything.” 
-Mari Evans

Man with Book


I don’t want to overshare my stuff online, however if you have a special interest in hearing about the things I’m working on, please reach out.  I’m always open to sharing new works and poets, as well as offering and receiving feedback from other writers.  I’m just starting out on this journey, so any recommendations or tips are greatly appreciated. 


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